Art and Me

Doodling playful characters happens whenever Phyllis Mignard has a pen in her hand— no paper is safe from her doodling. It’s her problem solving process and relaxing routine.

My superpower strength is that I take my doodles and do something with them.

It was while working as a print designer in a public relations department that Phyllis’s drawing skills took on a new life. Creating characters for library children’s programs with clean, reproducible lines was a perfect outlet for her skill set. Then, when librarians introduced her into the magical world of children’s picture books, her world completely changed. She discovered the ideal fit for her artistic yearnings.

I have a deep respect and admiration for artists in the fine arts fields, but have never had the desire to join their ranks as a serious artist. Instead, I’m really more of a craftsman, a fabricator, a maker of things with my hands.

Once awakened to a way of sharing her whimsical nature, it didn’t take long for Phyllis to realize that her true passion is in the process of turning a doodled character into a visual story. And as her art skills evolved, so did her storytelling. Now, each character Phyllis creates and the stories she writes have a little bit of her in them.

Her future goals?

I can honestly say that they are to be exactly where I am right now; crafting children’s stories and art that have special meaning to me.


Did you know that I once painted a cow?

A full size fiberglass sculpture for the Las Vegas CowParade art exhibit. After completion M’udder Goose stood in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip for many months. When the exhibit ended, the statues were auctioned off and proceeds donated to a local charity. M’udder Goose however traveled to Hershey, PA and served as a CowParade mascot helping to kick off their own CowParade. Afterwards she was placed in front of the Boston Public Library where she stood for a long, long time under the new name, Hey Diddle Diddle.

This was a labor of love. Writer and illustrator members of Las Vegas SCBWI critique groups pitched in and helped me paint M’udder Goose for the CowParade representing the Las Vegas chapter of SCBWI.

Did you know that I painted an Easter egg for a White House display representing my state of Nevada?

My design was not selected because of its uniqueness or name recognition but because I tried. How many opportunities have we all lost out of because we thought, “I’m not good enough” or because the competition is too stiff or I have never done anything like this before. This was a problem solving activity showing delightful results.

Did you know …

That my favorite color is blue — this week
That I love to sing — loudly and off key
That I love to recite favorite picture book text while doing housework or gardening. It used to worry my husband but he’s used to me now.
And that my favorite thing to do is hug my loved ones.